Portrait of Female Kurdish Fighter YPJ


These group of young ladies are fighting ISIS on the front line. In their own words:

‘We aren’t afraid to die, we know we’re fighting for a bigger cause. The truth is that ISIS don’t have the bravery and fighting spirit that they show in their propaganda videos…For these types even hell isn’t enough of a punishment. Our Job is to make sure they get a one-way ticket there’.

Original Work. Victoria Villasana  2017

Altered States Saatchi Gallery Group Show.



For this Saatchi Altered States show, I’m using portraits of people in the UK and Mexico. Subjects are seen with their eyes closed, holding themselves in the intimate space between outer and inner identity – their presence contrasting with the implied austerity of passport photography.

The yarn interventions convey a hidden strength derived from openness and exposure, yet a sense of shared vulnerability can be experienced depending on the projected state of mind of the viewer.