Jacinda Ardern


I don’t like New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern only because she is a woman.

I like her because she is showing to the world what real leadership is.

She is moving from a fear and separation  consciousness into a love and unity consciousness that is needed right now.

In a world where patriarchal power has been considered as superior, where the mind has been seen as superior over the heart, with her actions of kindness and compassion she brings balance of masculine and feminine energies, where power and vulnerability are equal in leadership, they do not opposed , they complement, a return to wholeness.

Emphaty & Compassion


The earth is like a womb. Our disconnection with the earth translate into a kind of disrespect of the feminine. In violating the mother that give you life. As long as the feminine is diminished, the connection between us and the earth is going to be destructive. We must wonder about the connection of these increase masculinity that also puts so much pressure in our boys, that is translated into repeated violence or the love of it. We are creating a world where power is the only thing it matters. We need to understand the importance of making connections, the understanding of our intuition, the ability to see yourself in the eyes of other human being, then perhaps the world will understand about compassion

Streeet Art London 2015

Woman You Are Beautiful Street Art in Shoreditch


We are constantly bombarded by street advertising, telling us that we are not good enough the way we are. I see woman falling into this tramp more often than men. We need a reminder that beauty is not only white & slim. Beauty comes in many sizes, colours a shapes and more importantly beauty comes from the inside.

I placed these pieces around Shoreditch, East London. 2015