Jacinda Ardern


I don’t like New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern only because she is a woman.

I like her because she is showing to the world what real leadership is.

She is moving from a fear and separation  consciousness into a love and unity consciousness that is needed right now.

In a world where patriarchal power has been considered as superior, where the mind has been seen as superior over the heart, with her actions of kindness and compassion she brings balance of masculine and feminine energies, where power and vulnerability are equal in leadership, they do not opposed , they complement, a return to wholeness.

Portrait of Female Kurdish Fighter YPJ


These group of young ladies are fighting ISIS on the front line. In their own words:

‘We aren’t afraid to die, we know we’re fighting for a bigger cause. The truth is that ISIS don’t have the bravery and fighting spirit that they show in their propaganda videos…For these types even hell isn’t enough of a punishment. Our Job is to make sure they get a one-way ticket there’.

Original Work. Victoria Villasana  2017